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Like any business function, compliance works best with oversight and care. But many businesses allow compliance to become an afterthought, making it harder to act ethically. Good compliance management involves all areas of a business in developing an ethical environment.


The Five Levels of Building an Ethical Culture

How to build and sustain an organization whose employees are happy, motivated, and ethical remains one of the most complex,…

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Practical Guidance

Three Ways to Spot a Bad Statistic

In compliance, metrics are essential. But what if the available numbers don't tell the whole story? In this talk by Mona Chalabi, learn three ways to root out bad statistics before you rely on them to your detriment. https://www.ted.com/talks/mona_chalabi_3_ways_to_spot_a_bad_statistic?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare

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Compliance & Ethics Programs

BY DAVID DOBOLYI INTRODUCTION Compliance and ethics (“C&E”) programs are organizational policies put in place to promote law abiding and ethical conduct. To be effective, they must be supported by procedures, communications efforts, and cultural attributes. While the principal drivers for such programs are laws and regulations which offer leniency to companies with good C&E programs, there are further reasons to embrace C&E and make it a priority. C&E program law is to some extent the codification of sound management practices. While these programs mostly originated in the US, other countries are increasingly passing legislation to encourage or require C&E programs, making this area…

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COVID-19: Plan Carefully for Re-opening the Workplace

As vaccines roll out, recipients look forward to reconnecting with family and friends. But as vaccinations reach more working adults, business leaders need a plan to bring virtual staff back to work safely. No one wants their facility re-opening to be a super-spreader event. Informed and pre-planned safety should guide your planning. While vaccination gives strong protection, it does not appear to be 100% effective. Further, research suggests that vaccinated people may be able to carry and spread COVID-19 to the unvaccinated. With that in mind, make a plan that will: Comply with local requirements. Each state has its own…

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BBB Better Series: EU privacy shield, a BBB national program

Today, more than ever, companies large and small are conducting business all over the world, so it begs the question: what happens when businesses transfer personal data across borders? Here to help us understand how US companies safeguard their EU customers’ data is Frances Henderson, Director of Privacy Initiatives and Bryant Fry, Deputy Director of BBB EU Privacy Shield. Join us to hear more about this essential topic in-depth. BBB Better Series: EU privacy shield, a BBB national program Used by kind permission of the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota & North Dakota. Originally broadcast on May 15, 2019.

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The Compliance Officer Decision Tree

Excerpt from Kristy Grant-Hart's How to be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer: Learn the Secrets of Influence, Motivation and Persuasion to Become an In-Demand Business Asset (Brentham House 2015). Grant-Hart's decision tree demonstrates how businesses can best work with a compliance officer. I developed the Compliance Officer Decision Tree after dealing with a high-ranking corporate executive who did not understand what I did and was not interesting in learning what I did. After a particularly ugly conversation wherein she expected a commercial decision from me, I developed the Compliance Officer Decision Tree and shared it with her to help her…

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Part of a Movement Changing the World

The following excerpt from Kristy Grant-Hart's How to be a Wildly Effective Compliance Officer: Learn the Secrets of Influence, Motivation and Persuasion to Become an In-Demand Business Asset (Brentham House 2015) was written with compliance officers in mind. But her words are equally applicable to executives and managers who want to make ethics and law part of the workplace. Superman knows his mission is to fight a never-ending battle for truth and justice. Mighty Mouse sang, "Here I comes to save the day!" You too must know your mission. You must believe in your cause and know you will succeed.…

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Why your business needs a compliance program

Q: What is a compliance program and does my business need one? A: A compliance program is made up of company policies and procedures intended to reduce the possibility of legal consequences, such as regulatory fines or lawsuits. Any simple step can be part of a compliance program. For instance, if the city requires paper recycling, placing recycling bins around the office helps ensure compliance with that rule. The possibility of a legal problem, such as a regulatory action, fine or lawsuit, is a real business risk. Your company likely deals with many of these risks already. But ad hoc efforts…

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