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There are apps for that!

Can you imagine employees seeking out ethics training? Sneaking a little training in after work? With gamification, developers are finding new ways to make all sorts of topics compelling. There are many ethics-based games available for download. Some intend to teach ethical principles, while others use ethics concepts for a little fun. Check out these apps for starters:


(Hosted Games)

Dilemma follows a day in the life of “average guy” Alex, who ends up facing several serious moral decisions. The game is text-based, providing a piece of the story and a choice. The story evolves as “Alex” makes choices throughout his day. Be careful reading the reviews: some users give spoilers to avoid “sad” outcomes.

(Image from Hosted Games at play.google.com)


(Mintz Group LLC)

Mintz Group is an investigative firm that specializes in tracing hidden assets. The company created the game to raise awareness of how unethical people and organizations hide and launder money. The game is well-designed and semi-addictive. “This game is better than chess!” raved one reviewer.

(Image from Mintz Group at play.google.com)

The Ethics Game

(Dream Universe Games LLC)

This aptly named role-playing game presents a series of choices set in a far-distant future. As players decide how to react, the app explains the ethics theories behind each action. One reviewer compared the game to the “choose your own adventure” books. 

(Image from Dream Universe Games LLC at play.google.com)

Custom gamification is an expensive project, but consider doing some “research” on free and low-cost apps. You may find a fun way to amp up your company’s training plan.